Georges Bossous, Jr. is a graduate from Barry University with a Master of Science degree in Psychology. He underwent three-year post-graduate training in the field of Infant Mental Health at the Institute for Child and Family Health, formerly known as Children Psychiatric Center.  Bossous is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology from Walden University. 

Personal & Professional

In September of 2009, Bossous founded a humanitarian organization, “Word and Actions, Inc.” Later in October 2011, he registered a sister organization in Haiti under the name, “Word and Actions for Haiti/ Parole et Action Pour Haiti.” These organizations aim to reduce the occurrence of child sexual abuse in the U.S. and Haiti. He is currently serving on the board of directors of these organizations as Executive Director/ CEO/ President. Bossous is also the founder of the Haitian Leadership Initiative.

In 2016, Bossous was named Vice-Chair of the Senate District 38 Health Task Force overseeing the Foreign Affairs Committee.

In September 2019, he launched his political career as a Candidate for Florida State Representative, District 108. Bossous campaign’s slogan was: “Let’s Break the Cycle.” With the support of his constituents, he hoped to break the cycle of Division, Injustice, and Poverty. 

For more than a decade, he has been leading a merciless fight to prevent more children from becoming the victims of sexual predators. 

As a public speaker and child advocate, Bossous has held many seminars and conferences advocating on behalf of sexually-abused and human trafficking victims nationally and internationally. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements at universities, churches, and community centers, addressing the above issues. 

In addition, Bossous has been an active speaker on numerous radio and television programs.  He hosts radio segments on local community radios in Miami and New York.  He spent four years working as the distribution manager for an environmental newspaper, “The Earth Times.” One of its primary circulation sites was the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. 

Public Engagement & Perspectives

During the 2016 elections, Bossous took a 3-month-leave of absence from his regular job and joined the Florida Democratic Party and later as a field and political campaign organizer. He was able to hear the concerns of everyday people and developed a better understanding of the many challenging issues they face.

Bossous has held several international trainings and conferences in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He traveled to Bolivia where he covered and published a story regarding children living in jail with their parents.

He is currently working on his first book to be entitled, Betrayed by Your Rescuer. He is also working of his first book of poetry in the Creole language, “De Mo Souple (A Couple of Words Please).”

"In late June, Georges Bossous Jr., founder and head of Word and Action Inc., will spend a week in Haiti meeting individually with the victims and family members."


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